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  1. Whoa..what a coincidence! I am leaning more towards graphic design as well At the university i am in we all have to take traditional art classes to make us well rounded, its kinda cool i enjoy every minute of it. Wow! Top 5?!?!? That's pretty cool, i'm going to go research them, i've been looking at other schools lately. Are you going for your masters? or for the bachelors?
  2. Art show went great! I'll probably post pics soon. What area of art are you going to college for? I'm going for graphic design/print media, and taking traditional art classes (like life drawing and such) so I can improve my portfolio and get in to Minneapolis College of Art & Design. I think it's in the top 5 for art schools in the country.
  3. In college lol pursuing art degree Let me know how the art show goes! If i could i would love to see it or even pictures of it ^^ and yeah...Its been a long time!
  4. I've been good! Kinda busy with school and work lately, and preparing for an art show that will be featuring pieces of art by Peach Follows and myself. How about you? Long time, no speak. ^_^
  5. hey! how have you been
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