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  1. yooo bro long time no see... dud love the reaper you have as an avi... its from soul eater rite..? well man thought id drop in and say hi hope things are going well for you bro... well man got to run take care...
  2. thats awesome to hear glad things are looking good for you bro... and thats sweet to just darw and be paid for it hope everythings works out for you bro... yea im finally going back to work too after 5 months of just being unemployed... anyways man i got to check all my message now cuz i wont have the chance tomorrow cuz ill be working on my car well bro catch you later take care man...
  3. Nothin' too new, really. Preparin' for college and gettin' ready to be back in the world of employment. That's about it. I'm almost done in treatment and have a career coach now. So, in the near future, I hope to be getting paid for drawing pictures. I do have ONE major thing comin' up. I'm signing a contract for a book cover. I designed a cover for an author and he's gonna pay me a certain percentage of every book sale. We're still working on the negotiations. But it feels good to be back in the realm of freelance art. ^_^
  4. thats awesome well glad to hear lifes been good for you.... with me on the other hand its been fair... one of the good things i have is when i practice with my kendos or watching anime but other then that ive been a bumm since december..... so anything new with you lately? if oyu dont mind me asking.... take care bro laterz
  5. Long time indeed. ^_^ How's life treatin' ya? Things are goin' pretty good on my end. I just applied and have been accepted in to college, so I'm pretty excited about that.
  6. yoooo long time no see hows it going with you? just thought id drop by and say hi... hope everythings is going well with you bro... well take care bro and hope you have a great day laterz...
  7. isee bro thats a drag i hope you start feeling better bro. yea no worries i havent been on lately either. well bro i hope all is well for you and everything goes well. im doing good as well. well bro take care ill see you around take care bro laters
  8. Hey, hey! I'm doin' okay, I suppose. Could be better, but I'm tryin' to stay positive. Y'know? How've you been? I haven't been online much recently, but I should be pretty active once I get my computer back. Take it easy, man. ~Peace~
  9. yo bro long time no see hows it going just thought i drop in and say wat up and see how you were doing well bro take care and ill see you around laters bro
  10. hey bro happy holloween bro. glad to hear you got the job thats awesome. well not much here just bore dumb. well bro hope everything gos well for oyu and have an awesome day laterz
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