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  1. So far, life is lookin' better than it was about a week or two ago. I got the job! So, I'm pretty stoked about that. Hopefully, I can start getting back on the right track again. Well, you take it easy! I should be online on and off for most of the day, so if you're on today, hit me up.
  2. the same back to you bro hope you get that job. so how have you been? so hows life ben treating you? im so gone in my head right know its funnny hummmmm my friends are such Dumb A$$ well br otake care and maybe we will catch one an other some day laterz
  3. My day's goin' well, so far. I have a job interview later today, so I'm keepin' my fingers crossed. ^_^

    It's good to hear you've got everything sorted out. Hopefully, I'll catch ya online later, man. Peace!
  4. its all good bro i got it all sorted out know thanks for the help. so how have you been. how was your day? well see you around bro peace and have an awesome day
  5. That sucks to hear. Hopefully, whatever is bothering you will blow over. If you wanna talk about it, you can PM me. I'm like the king of havin' bogus things piss on my parade. LOL.
  6. na bro it aint work its all my family and some of my friends too.
  7. *Sorry for the late reply*
    Angry about what? Is it work related?
  8. nothen either just resting from work i finally got a days off. man im so angry im afraid of what will happen if i burst and the problems i may cause of it?
  9. Nothin' new, really. Just hopin' to get one of the five jobs I applied for at the Minneapolis Airport. Other than that, I've just been chillin' with my brother and hangin' out with the crew. ^_^

    What about you? Anything new?
  10. yea me too bro so hows it going what have you been up to? anything cool happen to do or just the usaul. well man im back sorry it took me long to get back.
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