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  1. Patience was never my strong suit either but, I try to practice it. ^_^
  2. your rigth im sure they will work out for me , i have never been the patient person though lol but i do try
  3. I'm a firm believer in good things coming to those who are patient and work hard for it. I'm sure things will work out for ya. ^_^
  4. im not sure if i will get a good paying job with what i want to do but i feel if i just do what i love the feeling of doing soemthing i love will be payment enough when im not stressing over this and that like oin a day to day job. and i hope you get the job your wanting it sounds like a pretty good deal.
  5. I have no choice but to take a certain math class if I wanna pursue my major. I hate math with a passion. >_<

    I think once I get my AAS, I'm going to get a certificate in web design before I try to get a job teaching ESL in Japan. If I don't get the job, I can always try to work at a design firm or try to start my own business.
  6. thats a good plan i might do that and take a few classes in web design to even out the clsses i will sign up for . i know i will need a math class and maybe an english class will give me more than one door to open when looking for a job
  7. Yeah, I think that registering for classes and pursuing a major that suits you will work wonders. When I registered for classes, I was going to go for human services but, I'd be giving up my dream for a job I probably won't get paid much for anyway. So, I'm taking up a major that is closely related to my love of art. ^_^
  8. i am gonna rigister for winter classes since thats when i got the free time , its gonna be great i think and it should be good classes since im into computers so much
  9. Nice. I considered learning coding/programming but, art is right up my alley. When do you plan on starting?
  10. that sounds cool man i hope you do well in it. i am getting regitserd for some classes at collage myself though its mianly gonna be in computerss o i can learn coding
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