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  1. I'm glad you feel so ^^ Thank you for the nice words

    But yah, talking bout a strong link... yesterday I got really woried because he wasn't on for hmmm... 5 hours? and didn't answer to my messages
    But yah, in the end it came out to be that he was ill He's ok now though ^^
  2. It's great to hear you guys are doin' okay! ^_^

    You two have got a strong link to each other, I admire that.
  3. Hmm... nothing. My life's been really really boring. Appart from Ray ^^ I've managed to spend more time with him lately... it's great!!! ^^ he makes me happy ^^ It's amazing actually how I only remember the good stuff with him ^^
  4. Wowzers! When aren't you takin' exams? Just kiddin'. I wish ya luck with the economics exam. ^_^ Other than schoolin', what else have ya been up to?
  5. Yah, would be grand to see you ^^ But oh well.. maybe someday, when one of us is real rich

    I'm ok... just came back from a terrible exam, which didn't go that bad at all, I'm a bit more relaxed now, though I still have the very important economics exam... Wish me luck :P ^^
  6. I'm doin' good! I started my new job and I'm playing more music. ^_^ I just came back from an open mic I played at. I wish ya could've been there. How are things with you?
  7. Hi!!!!!!!! ^^ I haven't talked to you in such a long time!! How are thinks going? ^^
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