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  1. I've never been too big on the harnesses. They make me feel like there's a midget standing under me, while squeezing at my groin. LOL.
  2. lol I wont to a place called "Vertical Adventures" in Columbus, OH.
    First time, i went all the way to the top (~30ft) and was hooked. i guess i was in a lot better shape than i thought, too. i didnt really get too sore.

    I hate the shoes tho. think i just may wear Chuck Taylors, lol. and the harness was uncomfortable, too....
  3. Not since around 1998 or 1999. I love it though. I just hardly have the time these days. I do a lot of tree climbing to kinda get my "climbing fix", LOL. There's a place called 'Vertical Endeavors' in St. Paul, MN that's great if ya like indoor rock climbing. Every wall on every floor--even the ceiling!--is a rock climbing area. It's great. If I lived in St. Paul, I'd go every day.
  4. Thanks!
    But seriously, look how far science and medicine advance after every war. look how the econimies of countries change after them. even germany, who lost both world wars, went from rags to riches twice! now they are a world econimic leader, and the thrid reich was so powerful, it could have ruled the word. and Russia and the USA came out of nowhere to become superpowers.

    anyway, ever been rock climbing?
  5. Naw, I doubt it'll be a big deal. It's not like you called the OP out of his/her name or anything.

    BTW: Mad props for the yo-yo reference!
  6. yeah, same here.

    lol go look in the "sin" thread. i bet I will get in trouble for calling out the OP in my post like that...
  7. I don't think you need driver's ed after 18 here in MN either. I do know that if you're over 18 or 21 and you've had a permit once and it's expired, you can re-take the test and if you pass the permit test, you can take your license test the same day. If you're under one of those two ages (i gotta look that up) then you gotta hold your permit for 3-6 months before you can take the license test.
  8. Well, in Ohio, once you turn 18, you don't even need to take Driver's Ed. ironic, huh?
  9. Yup yup.

    My brother still hasn't even gotten his permit yet and he just turned 21. None of my parents wanted to pay for him to take driver's ed. He was pretty peeved about that, LOL.
  10. Funny how that works. my sister just got her permit, and she just turned 16. i didnt even get my permit untill i was almost 17.

    oh well. i appreciate the car i have now a lot more than other people, i guess.
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