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  1. I been doing well sprouty mcsprout. Just doing school and the whole job at starbucks thing. It was a fun time. Been tired and debating with myself on whether or not I should remain..."popped" if you catch my drift
  2. Yeah, I'm behind on art projects, I haven't been practicing guitar like I should be and I've been trying to advance at my job, so I've been busting my rump there. Then my personal life gets in the way of everything else, I'm so tired these days. How're u doin'? ^_^
  3. What's up with you Sprout. Been busy lately.
    Damn 50 characters
  4. I cried and afterwards, had a party. LOl
    btw, I saw your son's picture. HE IS AN ABSOLUTE CUTIE!
  5. *does celebration dance* I never thought I'd live to see a Black president! I could've cried on tuesday. Jesse Jackson and Oprah did, LOL.
  6. Obama won Sprout. *thorws confetti* Let's party like effin rockstars
  7. Look, I understand you're goin' through some things, we all are. This is the most pivotal election of the year. And yeah, black folk should be worried for Obama and each other--what with all the attacks. But mixed or no, we're still black people and we need to stick together in this time. Because, this is OUR time! Whether he wins or loses, we should party, enjoy the fact that when things got tough, or when things got/get better, we stuck together. Don't let any situation make you take your aggression out on others. We're all one in the same after all. White, black, asian, etc. We're all human and we should embrace each other, regardless of differences in ethinicity.

    I accept your apology. All I ask is that you can try to understand that we're all equal. That's what our ancestors fought so hard. To be treated as equal, to prove to everyone that everyone is equal.
  8. Hello Sprout. I did not intend to offend you, bratling, or peach. I did not intend to have my reply come off as offensive. I did not even know mullatto was offensive. I hear mixed girl call themselves that all the time (like how I call my guy friends nigga) I did not want to offend you, peach, or bratling. I was just angry when I wrote that and took my emotions out in that post with issues I had with myself. I am sorry
    What you doing today babes?
    any parties that need attending?
  10. No, no, no! I'm sorry. I've been reall A.D.D. since I got this new computer. I didn't mean to ignore you, I've just been real bad at multitasking. ^_^

    How are you? What've you been up to lately? Long time, no speak.
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