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  1. iight, I feel the cold shoulder.
    Its cuz Im black right?

    You can have whatever you like
  3. Hey, what's up? You haven't missed much--at least I don't think so. ^_^ Thugnifficent sez, "Quit hatin' and get money, nigga!" LOL.
  4. dude, I been gone too long. What I miss?

    Oh yeah, "what's good nuca! STILL chasin' them dirty African hos?"
  5. My bad, I thought you were ignorin' me, LOL. I coulda swore I replied to ya. ^_^

    Anyway, How you been? Long time, no speak. I missed hearin' from ya. "What's really good, nigga??"
  6. You ignoring me nigga? *pouts* I feel so neglected.
    I wasn't ball jocking or dick ridin' was I?
  7. BOOTY BUTT CHEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love your picture Nucah! You look so ****in' tight.

    -Not that Im dick ridin' or anythin' I'm just sayin-
  9. Nope, I need a longer cane. LOL. Naw, I've just been focusin' on finding a job and music, mostly. The job-hunting part is over, thank god, so I'm just doin' me. Maybe a girl will trip me instead, ha ha ha!
  10. Nuttin much nucah!
    I been doing school. That's about it

    you tripped a girl yet?
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