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  1. I'll log in over there and see what's good later on today. ^_^
  2. Row's aint my gf.. so what the heck xD *rofl*

    Gee... its getting interesting there too.. we need more people!!
  3. That doesn't sound like something a guy should to to another guy. LOL.

    I've already registered there. I just haven't had much time to do anything there just yet.
  4. Oii...!!! why aren't ya on the new site yet!! grrr rawr!! I'll make row eat ya inside out!! :lol:
  5. I see.. that's an artist's life.. lol ^^ you enjoy it? Im pretty bored with my life xD
  6. It's pretty stressful sometimes, but I can manage. There's not really much to it, so long as I'm inspired. There are times that I am a bit un-motivated or not as inspired, so I'll start slacking off or I lose sight of my goal, but in the long run; I've been doin' okay so far. Lack of money and equipment is what really keeps me down. ^_^
  7. Man.. can you manage? xD I'd be half dead in less than a week
  8. Yeah, I suppose having a stable job should come first. Usually (when I'm working), I'll do all my art and writing in my free time, so I do work after work; LOL. But I ride the bus, so I'm usually half-done by the end of the day. ^_^
  9. Interesting ^^ what's the story about? I wish i could be a writer one day... but first i should explore a more... stable income kind of job first.. and do tha writing thingy from time to time.. that's the wisest choice i think ^^
  10. Not fully prepared, but I'm gettin' there, LOL. So far I've done a bunch of character profiles, I have a few rough comic pages done and I've got the script memorized. ^_^ All I need to do now is get some new art supplies--like tones and exacto knives, white out and such--and do a bit of grunt work and hopefully I'll have something worthy of submitting to a comic book publisher.
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