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  1. Yeah, I know how that goes. I go crazy when I don't work. So, I guess you can say I've been crazy for a while now. LOL.
  2. ahhh sorry i didn't see your message!! I'm doing ok, enjoying my week off work hehehe. Strange not going to work though. Even though i've worked there for only three months. it just isn't the same.
  3. Hi, Sazzy! I seen you online, so I thought I'd drop you a greeting. How goes it?
  4. I agree with you. I've been experimenting with various styles of art lately because of my previous art class and the two new classes I have now. It's fun and helps me understand what I can do to improve my drawing style. ^_^
  5. ahhh so cool >.< Nice style. Sometimes its good to change your style every so often. It helps enable you to be more creative
  6. College is going good, so far. ^_^
    I have life drawing and painting on my schedule this semester. It's pretty awesome!
    Here's a pic I did last night. Not my typical drawing style but I'm thinking of doing a series of these. Cyanide Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt style.... - Nuclear Playground
  7. Definitely link me when its finished!!!!!!!

    I hope college goes well for you ^__^
  8. Colds suck. Whenever I get sick, I'm miserable for a few days--even if it's a cold. I've been trying to stay focused on my artwork as well but a new semester in college started and I wasted my winter break by playing video games and sleeping. LOL. I'll be sure to show you some of my recent projects soon though. I'm finishing up a few currently. ^_^
  9. oh yes, still busy with drawing.. when I'm not working......

    I'm doing well, well not I'm getting over a cold. But that should be soon.
  10. Hey, Saz! How are you? Still hard at work at the ol' drawing board, I see. ^_^
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