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  1. >....< I will not! Wait... thats me! haha! How bout you give me yours first.?
  2. There's this cute girl named Shippo101 that I'm in love with. When you see her, tell her to give me her phone number.
  3. Damn right, you're supposed to do those things. LOL. J/K
    It's good to see ya back on AO! Don't be a stranger.
  4. >....< Im neglecting AO! Gah! But i'm suppose to webby cam or gaia with my bf.

    soooo what you doing??:3
  5. I see you! ^_^

    Whatcha over there doin', girly?
  6. Wonder who that someone else is... *thinks long and hard*
  7. sorta miss AO too but i'm misin someon else. XD
  8. Rawr!!

    That's dinosaur for "AO misses you!" LOL.
  9. Bothering me? Never.

    Ooh! Yahoo Scribbler! I'm so there! Good idea!
  10. Hiiii!
    Im Shippo and Im sitting here bothring you and bwahahah
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