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  1. Depends on what happened when you went to save your score. Sometimes, scores aren't saved, due to the vBulletin host, but all the basketball games should save. I was just playing a few of them the other day.
  2. Ello, ummm yeah i have a question. i was plyin that Basketball game in the arcade. So i really wanted to be a smart a** and beat Trunks and Rayme. And i did so today i come back to make sure i dont have to beat someone down for my title and its gone! Its like I never played it at all. I mean i can easliy get it back but whats the deal??!!
  3. YAY!! Thank ya..!

    Yeah.... wow.... that worries me... i hope he didnt think it was boring.. lol
  4. Yeah, I'll check it out for ya!

    Telecommunication is pretty cool. I have a friend who wanted to go to school for that. Somehow, he ended up being in the police academy or somethin' like that.
  5. Yep, its really aweom. Just boring. Im a telecommunication Major.

    ok umm likeeee could you take a lokk at my peom that in POTM and check it out? ^.^ i really wanna try and win POTM
  6. College, eh? How's that goin' for ya so far? What do you plan on majoring in? ^_^

    What's this favor you speak of?
  7. Welcome

    I've been good. Nothing just got into college. How about you?

    oh btw i have a minor favor to ask of you
  8. I've been good, thanks! ^_^

    Long time indeed. How've you been? What's new with you?
  9. heyy I havent seen you in a while, how ya been?
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