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  1. hello............................................. ..........................
  2. we have to switch rooms with the drama teacher today in 5th hour this sucks so bad i cant wait to see you every day in 7th hour i hope you know that well i gotta go love ya!
  3. no that is okay. How are you able to play games on here when you haven't posted anything yet?
  4. lol do you not want me to? well it said that the message was to short so im gonna do random stuff hahahahaahaaahaahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
  5. well you go to new posts and somewhere down the page it says start new topic and that is what you do. and i can;t believe that you said "love ya"
  6. after u left me and my mom talked and she siad that she likes u alot she pretty much loves u (wow im feeling left out) well enough of my pitty party well i changed my profile pic and how dou start a fourm on here and post i cant figure it out lol well ill see ya micheal is rushing me to go play Bball by love ya
  7. yes i know that ur a good girl and i didnt think that u were a bad one i just thought that you could come over and have a good time with me ya know play like halo or go do somthing out side nothing bad lol
  8. I thought ur mom thought that I was weird. and even if i did come over you know that i am a good girl not a bad one.
  9. ya that is prety weird how they acted but im glad that ur mom likes me and that my mom likes u to lol well and if my mom likes u then my dad will to so ull have to come over some time sooooooooooooooon
  10. ha ha ha.our rents our weird with us near them. what do you think?
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