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  1. I have no idea but i no fosho that lelouch died....meh and there are gonna be some completely new main characters
  2. ah man thats awsome do you know if theres going to be any returning characters?
  3. hey thanks for the pic comment and yeah i love code geass too!!! and i love cc and kallen as well they were both pretty bad ass XD n guess what there coming out w/ a season 3 so excited
  4. Im a super big fan of anime as well except i cant watch any this week cause i haz finals fml but yeah you seem cool and welcome to this siteXD Feel free to talk to me anytime
  5. Thats cool, I'm a big fan of anime though a lot of the one's I like my friends tend to not for whatever reason. It's nice to have someone agree with me for a change, I thank you, lol.
  6. Hello there u like most of the animes i like or have watched
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