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  1. Well then that great man so may i ask what did happen to you all this time ever since back then busy or personal stuff n yeah it take time ur rite man sigh but still y this happen i never wanted it to happpen or did it on pursope it kinda weird dont u think
  2. well whatever it is im sure that it will pass in time and i will be usi gthis site again so im back
  3. Well it one of those drama thiings u know something between friends that they think i am the one to blame because they think i started a rumor about someone n they r all mad so yeah but i holding up well
  4. well im back so tell me about it u have my attention
  5. WEll things have not been well for me dude something ahppen bit time n sort of lost good friend after that happen dude some drama things
  6. hey buddyhow u doing me im doing good whats up hows it going
  7. lololo yeah dude it been a while n that undersand able but it been a year u know that right
  8. hey bro long time no talk how u been me im good just checking on my friends
  9. hey dude long time just want to c that ur still on hehe well hope to chat with u later
  10. Dude wher r u man wtf man wat happen man,.,.,.,...,.,.,.
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