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  1. yooooooooooooooo where r u attttt broooooooooooo wtffffffffffffff
  2. Yo do i need a favor tell all my friend i back on my list i back agian sry i been through a lot dude i wish i can tell u more but i cant dont have time c ya...............
  3. Yo awesome i want to thank u for all u did for me i may not be one for a long time so wanted to say thx
  4. Y were u band do we need to talk it about me k u the only person who need to listen n um ust hurry before it to late.........
  5. ok well talk to me bro i am here for you ok i am all ears
  6. We got to talk it my old gf i was set up n i got play just like that everything is runied for me
  7. A.K.A yeah i still lost but thx for answering my question so how long how u been together if it more then 2 to 3 years marry her she might be waiting for those words
  8. well Anime Online a.k.a AO sory for the mess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ao wat that a state sry just asking i lost again n agian
  10. i met her here on AO and well thats about it right now
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