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  1. Really wow that ok n i sry my teacher back from being sick n it hard to get on now wat can we talk about oh yeah how r thing wit ur gf n how did u mett her
  2. thats ok i was waiting for you anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yo wat up it benn ot long again sdry for the late reply typing to fast mis spelled a lot of words sry
  4. Yo wat up it been to long since we talk sry for that to busy
  5. Sure i thing i change my mind then wta ever u say n beside i have something to tell u
  6. sorry i was going to tell you to sned me a pm but i forgot but please stay on and talk to me i am free now and have nothing else to do
  7. Heloo my friend how r thing wit u now everything well i have bad news to tell u i may not ever get on here again i getting bored no talk back now oh well it because i have little friend can help it but yeah
  8. Yo i sry for asking but u have too many messages in ur file n i cant send it i sry u have to delete a lot of it k
  9. Yeah i sry for buging u but this is almost important but we need to talk in private k something u may help me wit or give me a answer
  10. I c awesome well had any luck with ur job going so for
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