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  1. hey sorry for not replying bro i have been so busy lately
  2. yo awaesome is something wrong u never reaply n u were on today wat wrong oh wait to many people ur talking to all of them i c well at least u have more friends then me both here n rea life.....
  3. Roger wel have fun n isry for wasting ur time have a great time n tell me wat u did on ur break
  4. yah i cant help anybody now because i am on spring break but as soon as i get to a computer i will start to do everything k later
  5. party r u helping the people out or wat i sry if i asking this i ready to talk rember private message
  6. thx man i thouht u were dead well at least u responed
  7. yo party is something wrong u have not reponde my mail i think he in a bad mood best not to talk to him n hi black rose
  8. Whoal u must really love her good for u dont ever lose that love man
  9. Well first get ur ankle heal dont push ur self ok n i not ok i hope ur doing better then me in life
  10. Yo wat going on with u man r u ok cause i not just great everyone left me to die well time to start digging my grave
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