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  1. Wait plz stopp to many thing to go to can we just all talk at my thing ok i really hate going back n forth i srryy ok
  2. ok what you need me to listen about i'm all ears ok if it is private then pm it to me ok
  3. so paarty12 wat can we talk about let see my prombles
  4. Who me i know but it life n it hurt n hi serphin also i made my own song too but i cant put it it wont let me damit oh well it like a rock n love song
  5. Yeah i have more but it will take forever n dont have much time unitl my class it over at least 46 min left unitl then let keep talking n here some more.I hate u then i love u it like i want to throw u off a cliff the rush to the bottom to catch u n hold then kiss u forver
  6. well then i guess you hate me then huh since you only trust hate you know pm me and i will talk to you about any problems you have thats kinda my job on this website anyway
  7. Who me thank it just my life suck big time veryone hate me my own family my real father it jus make me sick i only trust hate only hate
  8. Wat srry if i came out of nowhere got nothing to do n black rose did u said poems i know some to n i made my own to want to hear it....All i want is freedom a world with no more night n u, always beside me to hold me n to hide me... love me.. that's all i ask of u..
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