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  1. gtg be back on in a few..................................
  2. why cant we have more people like you in the world? seriously
  3. so you helping somebody now too huh well thats good its always good to see people helping other people for a change you know instead of always fighting i swear one day i will emerge from hiding and bring the world their long sought after peace
  4. thanks that is really cool to here i hardly help any one ... i just bring pain ... you are the exception
  5. well i don't want you to go away for awhile besides you are one person other than my girlfriend who makes me happy just by talking to me
  6. thanks i am really happy to talk to you too and i am happy for your scholor ship well this will be my last day on for a while but i will be on all day ...... Farwell
  7. hey how are you me i'm fine just wanted to know how you have been it is a joy talking to you
  8. got to go talk to you later (in about 20 minutes i will be back on)
  9. leave that for me to decide for i myself am somewhat of a poet
  10. Yeah ill put one on right now I don't think it is that great tho
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