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  1. g2g 2 class, i'll call you around lunch, when field day starts for me, and we'll talk more than.
  2. You mean the guy that i'm talking to on my profile? if so, it's because he's talking in Jedi talk, and i'm kinda sucked into it... don't worry, he knows i have you, and he treats me like a sister, as i treat him like a brother... ok?
  3. hey baby whats with this master crap please explain that to me sweetheart
  4. ok sweetheart mwa loveyou too mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa
  5. Mwa love you too, look I got to go, cause my stupid brother wants his iPod back, but I'm gonna call you in about a half hour and leave you a mmsge. Mwa love you.
  6. sorry cant reply right now to many people round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa lovwe you
  7. I told you sweetheart that they would suck, but I'll see if I can try to figure out a way to get you better ones.
  8. hey yeah the pictures do suck not that i dont like them just cant see anything sweetheart
  9. Rukia, aren't you going to reply to the pm, and the rpg post????????????????
  10. Rrukia make sure to post on the rpg, and reply to my pm please... Also I got to get off for a little bit cause my bros iPod is about to die, but I'll make sure to talk to you between 8:30 & 9:00 am., when the iPod has more battery so it won't die on me out of no where. Mwa mwa, love you.
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