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  1. i do love you and trust you and i need as many friends as i ca get in real life i have barely one friend online i have only 25 friends i am a lonely guy
  2. Brother! I understand but how many friends do you need? you have 10 times more than i do and...if you want to talk to her ask mack about it because mack told me i could talk to her. But if you want neveselocin is the one i love and if you want to get toknow her better please i want you to love me and trust me talk to her then get to know her she will be in my life til i die get to know her now why you still have a chance

  3. i just wanted to become friends brother i mean come on you think that every girl you talk to that if i talk to them they will leave you that hurts me to know that you think that i have a girl and i dont need another but i could always use friends but you dont understand that
  4. well since you dont care i think im just gonan die now bro. You get to worked up over things that mean nothing its almost like you trying to lose me as a brother and make me an enemy? why are you doing this to me? I want you as a bro but not one that fights over a girl. call me today we need to talk! Brutus
  5. come on lets talk on yahoo now bro hehe jk but lets talk bro
  6. hey make ssure you check your PM's bro i sent you one
  7. brother! meet me on yahoo! send me IM Now!.........................
  8. resend a im bro i closed the window on accident in yahoo idk
  9. dude little brother!!!!! i had dajvu!!!! ohm its happening again. i went to deth2alls site and sent him a massaage and it looks the way i remebered it. a girl wanting to eat ramen and saying she loves naruto and a dude that was talking about halo i remember it very well. damn i cant belive it. its the biggest dejavu ever!!!! ive done this to telling you i had it. i remember it all. hmmmm.... is that weird?
  10. i missed you man how have you been? hey guess what i changed my gamertag on xboxlive to? ThePalmtopTiger. you know what it is from? if you watch the anime Toradora! you will know i love that little girl even tho she is 17 she is small and is like a tiger. thats why they call her Palmtop Tiger. when you get a chance nanme your self: PalmtopDragon
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