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  1. The dreadnought didn't come to play yet, lol, don't worry about that though, soon that creature is gonna make one hell of a appearance.
  2. no problem buddy sorry for the confusion i was just tired of getting beat by that Dreadnought
  3. Then that is all I need to know lol. thanks for the heads up on this.
  4. yes and the one who is there is at the base getting ready to come and help out
  5. All I know is just one harper is there, and the other is back home.
  6. then how do you have a Harper down there with you????????
  7. Yeah I do know about it, usually I re-read everything to make sure I get everything right.
  8. hey got a question you know there is only one Harper in the story now and he escaped the clutches of the enemy and is now on his way to the shrine to back you guys up you know this right
  9. yeah it is hard btu i didn't just jump in i have been looking for her and anyway its hard to keep up when you and her are the only ones with two whole pages to yourselves
  10. Dude, I can't tell who is who on Mars City 2, you should put like a name on top of your character or something so we would know. also John? which John? he ain't with Sgt. Morrison, he's with somebody else, but thats a different story. Please don't just go and jump in like that, its a little awkward.
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