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  1. I mean the school is getting ****en strict now so i dont know what will happen!
  2. what do you mean what happened bro???????????????????????
  3. i dont know ill proablebly drop out but its depends what happened!!!!!
  4. thats cool i'm happy for you i can twait til i actually graduate
  5. one more year for me dood!!!!!!!!
    so im really happy!
  6. me i dont have much homework but school does suck especially since i am not graduating this year
  7. just dieing of boredum of school!
    it sux for me i have lots of home work!
  8. trying to catch up on all my friend si need to keep in contact for friends are important to me so how have you been
  9. hey was up
    it has been a long tim so what have u been up to?
  10. hey buddy how are you doing long time no talk whats been up
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