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  1. hi sweety i'm back again
    so we can talk further
    if you want it
  2. do you get my messages on the chat??
    cause on my side it says that it cant be send..
  3. okay i will tell you on the chat..
    it is nice.. that's for sure..
    well for me then..
  4. tell me on the chat ok i replied so lets talkl on yahoo about it
  5. Hi sweety
    I was already wondering why you didn't answerd me on the chat..
    Well I can be better...
    Good that you are feeling good...
    I've nothing special..
    Maybe you..
    Oh I've something to tell you...
  6. Hey Baby How Arwe You Me I Am Good So Whats New Anything Interesting To Talk About
  7. okay...bye...
    I will miss you a lot...
    And I want to talk to you soon if it's possible..
  8. i am going to choir class now baby i will miss you and can't wait to talk to you agian
  9. yes i got your email address and ok i will read it
  10. I really love it...
    But I still dont want you to go..
    I wrote a new poem..
    It called a girl asked a boy..
    Please read it..^_^
    Oh and you got my e-mail adress??
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