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  1. alright i'll c u then it'll be about a half hour or so tho
  2. hey sexy how are you today talk to you when you get on yahoo
  3. awww thank you sweetie... and im sorry if u must be patient alot but it's just i have to go to school thats all im sorry about that
  4. its ok beautiful i dont mind waiting to talk to you
  5. well i was at school and well the teach i had to show him where my accounting work was so he could put it on the big screen for the others to look off of to check their work.. but yah then i had to walk home cuz school got out and now im here speaking to u go me lol .. and sorry for the wait sweetie
  6. hey whatcha doin anyway i replied to your message sexy and well just waiting to hear from you
  7. you have sprink break next week? ur soo lucky ^^ byes for now bb in a few hours class is over sorry about that
  8. i'm good just wish today was over so i can start spring break
  9. lol im so glad ur bro doesn't go on my profile to c that lol.. he he he well im doing alright just in class doing nothins what about u? how are u this morning my handsom master ? ^^
  10. that would be fine sweetheart anyway how are you today my sexy mistress
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