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  1. im sorry im at school sweetie i can't atm but we can talk here for a while if u wish
  2. hey wanna talk on yahoo or what???????????????????????
  3. awww u ok... yah i'll be on yahoo in a bit i just have to walk home first alright poor guy
  4. hey are you gonna talk on yahoo or are you going to ignore me liek everyone else is today
  5. yep i do i sent it to you over pm i added you as a contact but my msn thingy said there are two accounts called that so i just added them both lol
  6. do you have a yahoo account or no just wondering so we can talk
  7. hey ha ha ha thank you that's very kind of u to say ao.. and ur sane.... im almost positive ha ha ha lol jk u r and u kno it ha ha
  8. hello beautiful hehe um so whats up dont worry i am sane or insane i cant remember
  9. awww helllo ^^ it's nice to meet you.... and ok that would be nice
  10. hello mere i am awesome and well i decided to make you my friend like all others i treat my frineds like family if you want to talk i am all ears and closed lips ok bye
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