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  1. lol ok i'll check it out although my view or opinion on love is clouded right now.lmao
  2. you should check opuit the new poem i wrote you might like it it is about love
  3. well to answer what you posted we do have something going on we are dating and we started using private messages but thanx for pointing that out
  4. huh?i jsut dropped by your page ...............**********************
  5. good morning phoenixsara how are you today so you read some of the conversation me and mangalovertje were having huh
  6. well thetwo of you need to talk like really talk if you guys have something goin on or not
  7. we have known each other for three months and see teases me and kisses me but when i asked her out its like she didn't like me anymore
  8. how long hve you known each other. she might see you as a friend but wasn't really expecting you to like ask her out on a date
  9. i need advice i asked this girl out but all she did was queitly walked away what do i do please help me i am begging you
  10. am okay considering its a monday usually at this time am uber busy but well ..................all in all good i guess lol
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