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  1. hey Candi how have you been when you get online please pm me i am in need of your help -cries a little- seriously i need your help
  2. aaww im sry..i cant cuz ive gtg to go to work today..(yesh i enjoyed my last three days off-_- and now i have to go back)
    i just signed in just to say hi and post a little ..cuz me dont get of until 11pm tonight and im gona be tried ..@.@
    it sucks i work on weekends ,and off two days during the week
    ill try and be on..i highly doubt that u, will still up ..-_-
    and worse part about it..i work tonight and saturday i have be in eary at 6am-5pm
    wwahhh!!im too young to work like
    but ill just ttyl ..*huggies* ^.^
  3. i'm good lets talk on yahoo ok *giggles* pounces on you lovingly*
  4. ^________^ *meow*
    how are u
    what' up and how have u been .buddy *randomly pokes* huh,huh,huh,
  5. sowwie about that^.^;;;
    my fav Candy is Hot tamales..its nice ans spicy but yet swet and what about u.
    so how are u doing on YIm if u wanna chat
  6. what *giggles* don't want to talk to me that makes me sad
  7. *giggles* lol what is your favorite candy sweetcandi
  8. hey whats up how are you lol if you want to talk go to yahoo
  9. sowwie about back sign in to YIM if u wanna chat...okiee ^_______^
  10. where did you go i was trying to talk but your weren't online
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