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  1. AYA!!! wth girl you havent said nothing to me in such a long time how you been little one? Im still here ya know? allways have been..maybe it was me that hasnt said anything ok well here is a message reply to it kk??? later
  2. Not bad not bad att all your must be a couple stated away from me the lol anyway lol yah sis lol sleeping late huh lol well i am taking my leave now sis you may follow but im gonna go first lol anyway thanks sis see you tomorow hopwfully Goodnight sis and sweetdreams to you to bye.

    Your Bro
  3. ahh..its 12:18 am..i usually sleep at 1 am..hihi ..its one of my hobbies..sleeping late..hihi
    good night !! sweet dreams bro !!
  4. Oh by the way sis? what time is it there? lol right now it is 11:20pm what time is it there? well good night bye sis

  5. its ok sis no worries about it its alright and why wouldnt you call me Bro? I am your bro aint i? well then there you go sis member me im allways here all the time member that k? Why wouldnt i be nice to my own sister? huh? I mean come on i love my sister she is the Greatest to me i hope she will allways memeber me . lol

    Sry about that but please do think of me as your bro ok? From here on i am your older Brother k? ill treat you like my sister as well so yah well it is true sis you really are funny you make me laugh all the time lol ha ha ha lol. Thankyou sis it is nice to be told that i am kind it means alot to me thankyou... but please im here and you keep safe as well k? Goodnight my little sister Love as a sister member that lol k? anyway hope to see you later bye sister take care if yoursel without your bro k? bye

    Kenny your Bro
  6. hihi =D ..sorry about that debut thing..i thought u're a girl at sorry.. by the way, thanks a lot for being nice..=D ..keep safe..haha, i think ur the first person in the AO who told me im funny..haha..then i'll say this, "ur really kind"...i wanna call u bro..haha..LOL..well,have a good sleep.
  7. Im good now worries lol anyway did you read everything i said aya? make sure you do i ment every word of if it k?
    anway lol yah im fine what about you? im glad you understand AO more that is a good things anyway ill see you soon lol your so funny aya you really are lol you make me laugh lol in a good way dont get me wrong lol

  8. hey!! how are you now?? gud day!! now, i fully understand it works after reading the AO rules !! hihi =D..
  9. 13 is pretty young lol well its all good but as i said before tho you have to get more posts and the best way is to go to the forums and fine an anime that you may know then post all over k? it is what i did and you can do it to it will take some time tho because i dont know if your willing to spend a whole day posting lol it will take alot of time and plus you might get tires of it at a certain time lol.

    Your a funny person and you seem ok to me a little hyper but hey i was the same when i was your age 5 years ago well just keep going k? youll make it yet no worries lol.

    About the Brutus things...see that is my main game name thats all lol i use that for nearly all my games whenever i play you can call me that or Tiger i dont mind either k? it really dont matter to me or you can call me by my name Michael that is fine to lol But now i am Kenny because i am like him lol ha ha ha anyway so how are you doing aya? and what do you mean by debut? and no worries about asking the wrong question k?

    Ill answer any questions you ask me to the best of my abilities alright lol it is k lol k is funny lol ha ha ha...see im still a kid inside lol anyway try talking to awesomeparty12 and Mere k? they are as good as i am and they wont mind talking you i belive and Neveselocin is also good but she is not gonna be on a comp for a while lol k? anyway im on everyday make it a habit to leave me a message k? i wont mind talking to you at all just make sure to say hi evertime you get on alright? were friends now so we treat eachother like ones? anyway ima go to bed now i am tired didnt get much sleep anyway ttyl and reply back to me soon and if you want to ask me somthing personal send me a PM(Private Message) k? alright little one see you later take care bye!

  10. ohh!! ur 18, right?? uhmm.. hihi keep safe and u are a rwally nice person..
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