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  1. hihi ..thanks for being nice .. by the way, im perfectly 13 yeasrs old, how 'bout u? ok, i 'll try placing posts..yeahh, hope more people get to be my friends..haha ...

    great!! cingrats though..hihi :P ..i'll try thinking about great ideas to post..idk..i just thought about finding friends here..

    uhmm..what's about that BRUTUS word?? just askin' ..thanks a lot !! can i ask about that "com.member" ?? why mine does only have "member" word on it.what do i do to have that one??
  2. Hi aya how are you and you seem very happy that is good that is very good may i ask your age tho if that is ok? I am fine being friends with you go ahead and talk to me whenever you want to k? i dont mind at all I have never watched it before ever lol sry about that. this place is very interesting but if you want to do somthing interesting you have to get 100 posts ok? do that and many new things will open up to you!

    I have finally reached my 100 posts finally idk what to do tho because after more posting i will finally get a higher level of honor and that is what i want but to many posts tho lol its like 500 posts or somthig lol idk? i haven been here long enough to know but may i ask you what made you want to ask me if you want to be friends? what clicked in your interest to talk to me? it is just a question thats all lol anyway welcome to AO and please have fun explore alot and you will learn manythings as a friend make many friends but talk to them as well k? if you make to many you might lose count lol ha ha ha anywa im gonna go to sleep k? goonight aya sleep well lol ha ha ha and it is nice to b your friend

  3. hey!! im new here..hihi ..i just wanna make friends with othes..i thought this site is interesting and FUN, too..haha :P ..gud day!! uhmm...dou like SPECIAL A ?? do u like it?
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