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  1. 13 is pretty young lol well its all good but as i said before tho you have to get more posts and the best way is to go to the forums and fine an anime that you may know then post all over k? it is what i did and you can do it to it will take some time tho because i dont know if your willing to spend a whole day posting lol it will take alot of time and plus you might get tires of it at a certain time lol.

    Your a funny person and you seem ok to me a little hyper but hey i was the same when i was your age 5 years ago well just keep going k? youll make it yet no worries lol.

    About the Brutus things...see that is my main game name thats all lol i use that for nearly all my games whenever i play you can call me that or Tiger i dont mind either k? it really dont matter to me or you can call me by my name Michael that is fine to lol But now i am Kenny because i am like him lol ha ha ha anyway so how are you doing aya? and what do you mean by debut? and no worries about asking the wrong question k?

    Ill answer any questions you ask me to the best of my abilities alright lol it is k lol k is funny lol ha ha ha...see im still a kid inside lol anyway try talking to awesomeparty12 and Mere k? they are as good as i am and they wont mind talking you i belive and Neveselocin is also good but she is not gonna be on a comp for a while lol k? anyway im on everyday make it a habit to leave me a message k? i wont mind talking to you at all just make sure to say hi evertime you get on alright? were friends now so we treat eachother like ones? anyway ima go to bed now i am tired didnt get much sleep anyway ttyl and reply back to me soon and if you want to ask me somthing personal send me a PM(Private Message) k? alright little one see you later take care bye!

  2. I'm not sure. Just a random pic I found....anyway I gtg since there is a storm coming. Wouldn't want anything to happen to my computer. Hope we can chat again soon.....
  3. Hmm?? Could you tell me the tile of the pic. I'm kinda confused....

    Oh and you have people rep you. Like if you make a good thread or something like that. We don't use it that much so don't worry about. Oh and don't ask ppl to rep you. It'll just make you seem like a real noob and people don't like that. Espically the mods...
  4. lolz Oh I don't mind. I just had to warn you so you wouldn't get in trouble. ^__^ I'm good. and you??
  5. Hi aya how are you and you seem very happy that is good that is very good may i ask your age tho if that is ok? I am fine being friends with you go ahead and talk to me whenever you want to k? i dont mind at all I have never watched it before ever lol sry about that. this place is very interesting but if you want to do somthing interesting you have to get 100 posts ok? do that and many new things will open up to you!

    I have finally reached my 100 posts finally idk what to do tho because after more posting i will finally get a higher level of honor and that is what i want but to many posts tho lol its like 500 posts or somthig lol idk? i haven been here long enough to know but may i ask you what made you want to ask me if you want to be friends? what clicked in your interest to talk to me? it is just a question thats all lol anyway welcome to AO and please have fun explore alot and you will learn manythings as a friend make many friends but talk to them as well k? if you make to many you might lose count lol ha ha ha anywa im gonna go to sleep k? goonight aya sleep well lol ha ha ha and it is nice to b your friend

  6. im real name is xian.........i hope there's a season 2 of SA.....but i heard and i read a news already that there is a season 2 of special A.....but currently not on this moment....because i think it is currently at work.........maybe in the future........so i hope you will wait for it......
  7. hi..........whats your name?........i like special a so much.....
    hikari was so cute....jejeje....and megumi's voice was great.......
  8. The first time I watched it, I couldn't stop. I've seen it like 2/3 already, I really do love it and I hope to see a second series which I will be looking out for next fall.

    I haven't seen many members into Spe
  9. heey, welcome. I haven't ever seen special a, I don't really watch anime I'm just kinda an old regular here who likes to read and post in the forums. Did another member from here invite you or something?
  10. no prob. neither did i, i discovered this site by accident. i love SPEICAL A too. glad to find another fan.
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i really like editing photos of animes...yeahh.. its really FUN for me to do..and also play games !!
middle of nowhere...(wink**)
editing photos..listen to musics..of course watch ANIME..and read mangas
help my dad manage his company (hihi :D)
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I read comic books under the covers.
I may still be in an ivory tower,
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