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  1. I'm not sure. Just a random pic I found....anyway I gtg since there is a storm coming. Wouldn't want anything to happen to my computer. Hope we can chat again soon.....
  2. im also good..its just kindda hard to find topics for threads..hihi ..hope the one i made is won't be too boring for others.. hihi

    well, thanks again for ur warnings..haha ..

    that picture on ur album named ,my favorite pics then, from the first picture, move 3 to the right..that one with the girl whom wearing green dress/clothes ..uhmm,from what anime is she from ?/ hihi,muahh..
  3. Hmm?? Could you tell me the tile of the pic. I'm kinda confused....

    Oh and you have people rep you. Like if you make a good thread or something like that. We don't use it that much so don't worry about. Oh and don't ask ppl to rep you. It'll just make you seem like a real noob and people don't like that. Espically the mods...
  4. on your album, my favorite pics..who are those which is in the 3rd 4th picture?? new here..can i ask one question?? how do u increase ur reputation power ?? gud day!!
  5. lolz Oh I don't mind. I just had to warn you so you wouldn't get in trouble. ^__^ I'm good. and you??
  6. om sorry about that..hihi ..i changed it a while ago..i didn't notice it was that big..haha!! really sorry ..thanks for warning meh !! gud day!! how are you??
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