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  1. at the mo means like at the moment mo = moment gedid????????
  2. mo? what was that mean? i have loooots of homeworks so ive been busy for days..♥♥
  3. im still in school but im doing work expiernce at the mo its boring now i see why adults are so lifeless lolz
  4. yeah.............. our class will start in just a few days.... you?
  5. he how you doing??? we havent spoken in aaaaaaaaagesss...
    wha u been up 2????
  6. ok once one of my friends saw a girls profile picture and she looked as if she was about to kill something aswell so he made up a lame joke that everytime he saw a picture like that he would say i win the game and me and my friends caught onto that joke... a coincidence realy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. what??????!!!!!!!!!! can you tell me the "long Story"??????????????
  8. it looked as if you were bout to kill something!!! it was pretty funny afterwards though dont ask why its jus a joke between me and ma friends long story!!!
  9. oh???? why???????......................
  10. i think i would agree with the profile picture lol :P
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