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  1. so sorry for the so much late reply.. well, have you seen my profile pic? i think i look so awkward there!!! LOL..
  2. jes that is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously i wouldnt have another persons picture on my facebook... (lol)
  3. i already found your facebook.. is that you? on your profile pic?
  4. ....about what i've said.. please dont get me wrong.. im sorry if i offened you
  5. whats up?♥♥♥.................................
  6. first, you should click the GO ADVANCED.. and there you will find that pink face on the smileys..♥♥
  7. thats fine!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and another question hoe do you do that pink smily face (god my current computer language intelligence is rubish)
  8. haha... congratulations you know now how to do so!!!! LOL... i put a little love story in it.. is it ok?? ♥♥
  9. i found out how to do the hearts i completly forgot about the keypad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. jup dats fine for me!!! (the heart thing still doesnt work for me soooo)
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