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  1. Polyphon crimson s is a romance, Guin Saga has some romance and conflicts between the couples. exams are in may im studying for them. i should do prety well on them. how bout you do you have any testing comming up?
  2. oh, i see.. how about romantic animes??? how about your exam,, is it fine???
  3. im pretty well school has me boggled down and bout to do some exams in a little while.
  4. Koukaku no Regios, Polyphon Crimson S, Black blood brothers, black cat, blue gender Guin saga, and Origin Spirits of the past are prety good ones they are good action ones.
  5. Just surfing the net and searching for new animes... can recommend some?... what are you doing?
  6. hey what you doing????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
  7. they are a Kpop (korean pop) boy group... my favorite part is when they play a masscot ♥♥♥... i will just sit and watch tv.. how about you??
  8. what group are they? what was ur favorate part? what you doing tonight?
  9. yes, but its our vacation, How about you?????????? ^^
  10. nothin much so do you go to school ??????????????????????????????
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