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  1. I don't know. Just watch the animes you want to watch and read the mangas you want to read.
  2. is there a criteria to choose the manga u wanna read or anime to watch?
  3. That's the same way here, I don't know about all the genres, I just watch the animes and read the mangas.
  4. yes i do like it a lot. hope i will learn more about mangas, anime .. cant` really say i`m a big fan cause don`t really know what shoujo manga is .. or other stuff like that .. all i like is to read them and watch anime.. don`t really care about what genere they belong to .. but hope with time i will learn that too .
  5. You did it right, don't worry. So how are you liking your time here so far?
  6. hi ,yes i am new here.. nice to meet you to. .. dunno exactly where should i post my answer.. to my visitor message or your..
  7. Hello. I see you are new to Anime Online. Let me welcome you, I am Darkbird the Scarred. Pleased to meet you.
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