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  1. how u bin i ent bin on here in ages so wht u bin up 2
  2. yh i no ow u bin ent heard from u 4 ages what u bin up 2
  3. Added you in Facebook btw so yeah. Just saying. LOL Haven't been in here... since forever.
  4. do u ave face book i do add me if u do mines Matthew liam taggart
  5. ave u heard of mew mew power ive watched it a few times its more of 1 of those kid anime like pokemon
  6. Nope. haven't. I wasn't allowed to watch that when I was a kid.
  7. what bout sailor moon i ent watched it myself but my cousin has
  8. Full Metal Alchemist. Sure, we can be friends. Girly animes? Hmmm... Midori Days, Alice Academy, Card Captor Sakura... You know, CLAMP animes. AND THE VISION OF THE ESCAFLOWNE ) A lot more I can't remember.
  9. soz not realy up 2 date wid short text lol what does FMA stand 4 and do u want to no sum girly anime series do u want to be friends
  10. I like a lot. Naruto too. FMA. Y'know. Girly animes.
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