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  1. lol You sure have. XD I'm fine as always. you? Oh! Oh! Ima invite you to join an RP!
  2. Yea,wow I haven't been on in a while. How have you've been? :]
  3. Idunno. I think it's the only way to get id of my feelings for him. lol SKATING!
  4. Why forget someone you like? You shouldn't. Yaay,I get to go skating again and see my bf.
  5. .... Gah~ I'm trying to forget someone... I dunno why. But I like him.
  6. Yea,I spent it all. xD On the skating rink. Plus my grandpa gives it to me. Ohhh,todaaay I kissed my bf at the park. It was awkward at first but awesome.
  7. 20 Dollars... Wow, wait... your only 13? lol.... XD
  8. I don't have money,well like 20 dollars. -poor- xD
  9. Cool. lol Gah~ I haven't bought many clothes this year though... I dun have moneh~
  10. Cool,I should go there. But I love my skelanimals at Hot Topic. x]
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