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  1. Joo dun know Guess? THAT'S LIKE FAMOUS! Haha. Folded and Hung= heaven. A lot of cool clothes.
  2. Cool,never heard of that place. o.o What does it have?
  3. Cool. i know that shop. But I dun shop thur. I'm more of a Guess or Folded and Hung.
  4. Thats cool. I shop at Hot Topic,I also got a skelanimal's shirt.
  5. lol SO mean... but cool! lol I has camouflage converse! lol so cooL!
  6. I ate them. .___. xDDDDD I'm so mean. Ohhh,I gots some purple converse's.
  7. gaspness. What did joo do to stop em? ebil people thses days...
  8. Ahhh,coffeeee is soo good. Today in school people wanted to take mah cookies! :[
  9. lol Oh em gee! I drank coffee today so I ish hyper. But also moody.
  10. Haha,thats good. OoOoOh I dranked a energy drink! I'm very hyper now!! It was called...NoFear.
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