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  1. I sure am. lolz I can't sleep darn! DX I'm going nuts. o.o
  2. Wow, you must be bored!!! XD lolz well I am too!!!!
  3. I have no idea. lol Maybe I'll go sleep later. o.o Yeah. Later. Whee~ I miss meh crush! DX
  4. True, but at the moment, we don't know that!!! XD Anyway, what should we do???
  5. Maybe? lol Haha. And we're both being manipulated by one man. lol
  6. Iknow!!! That's what I thought!! May char. is evil though....maybe you'll rub off on her?? XD
  7. lol It's really weird. XD But cool! And we both are trying to find a sibling!
  8. I know!!! kinda cool. Me and you are together too!! But my person is evil!!! XD Or one of them is!!! XD
  9. T_T Oh I see. lol Thanks anyway. We're RPing together again!
  10. Well i make my own backgrounds and render or fine some rendered anime to use......or something. IDK it's hard to desribe since I don't use photoshop....
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