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  1. Some one is trying to hack my computer . I can tell cause random download things are opening saying they are virus protect but they move to fast to be virus protection.
  2. have to nao?

    What that supposed to mean???????DAMN 50 CHAR THINGY!
  3. Yeah. Xion=ebil! LOL. But I like his name. So creative.
  4. You think Xion is scary? lol.

    Its ok so do I lol.
  5. Yes.... Both of us don't know that yet. XD lol Scary Xion.
  6. Sure, just don't give anyone that info lol
  7. lol I was wondering if my character Hikari can be your sister. lol But Xion and her both don't know that yet.
  8. Please move your character to "The Demon Lands Character Thread" so it is in there cause we got approved.
  9. I added more to the story. Tell me if you like it.
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