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  1. XD I see. Fuuu... Can't think of anything to say. XD
  2. Yeah but I just beat ya to it! XD Plus you haven't been here much longer then I have so
  3. Yeah. I like this site and the RPGs too. lol XD Shouldn't I be the one who will ask you that since I joined earlier? XD lol
  4. XD So how do you like this site? Ya like the RPGs your in?
  5. Ah. Hmm... Haha. I don't know what to say next. XD
  6. Yeah I've always loved technology and working on computers comes naturally to me but this college doesn't offer what I want but I don't want to switch colleges so here I shall stay and go with plan B...graphic designing! XD
  7. Haha. ) I see. XD I'm not really into computers so... I don't know much bout them.
  8. I thought I was gonna be a photographer but I switched to computers and now I'm at graphic designing which is a little of both! XD
  9. XD Well. Not really. Still not sure if I want to be one. )
  10. Well it's ok to be a kid! I'm a kid at heart if not in my dirty adult mind! It's good that you've got a goal in life to become a doctor! Stick with it and you'll be fine!
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