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  1. Yes, that's definitely its meaning. You know, german is my mother tongue so you can trust me. ;-) How did you get to that username anyway?
    That's right. You can learn lots of thing on the net, however you have to be careful since there are many wrong things to be found on the net too. Maybe even more wrong than right. So don't trust everything you read! Not even me! xP
  2. Really? it means azure bunny. thats cool. wow u learn a lot of things on the web. LOL
  3. Ah, okay. Because, you know, Azur Hase is german and means azure bunny. That's why I was asking.
    It's not related to something german.
  4. Its actually Azur3 Hase0 I just added numbers instead of letters to finish the name. it originally Azure Haseo.
  5. Well then, Newbie, let me welcome you here on AO. Hope you'll have fun around here.
    About that friend thingy. We can be friends, but I just want people in my friends list which I know a little better, which means the friend request would have to wait for a bit. It's nothing personal, just to let you know.
    Azur Hase? Do you speak german or something?
  6. yo whats up. Im Azur3 Hase0 and im a newbie. wanna be friiends.
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