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  1. Lolz. So how r u doing 2day?????????????????????????????
  2. Well I can tell you right now... It most surtanly was.
  3. Dat soundz good rite now. Lolz.............................................. ...
  4. Alright so far but we will see how long that will last. Right now I am eating some instant blueberrie oat meal.
  5. Yea Ik can't wait. Lolz. So ne wayz how have u been 2day?
  6. Oh I know you will get over it and find the right guy, It's bound to happen sooner or later.
  7. Yea Imma nt really all dat happy boutz it eaither is he. Bt Imma sure we will get over it.
  8. I really hope you can break away from that and find some one that the both of you can be happy.
  9. I'm sorry boutz dat. Yea I went through a alot of hell 3 yearz ago. I waz dating diz guy named Chris and he cheated on meh did drugz after I told him ta plz stop doing dat. And now Imma startin ta do da same s*** . I wish I neva started on it. Bt I waz wit him fo 2 yearz and I finally broke up wit him.
  10. Well thats a good reason to find a new bf. Yeah, I broke up with my ex as well, actually she broke up with me. She was going through very tough times and I was trying to help her through it but my words fell on deaf ears. To make a very long story short, we broke up twice, but then I asked her to give us another chance wich she did and wanted, and told me though that she did something that she was deeply disgusted with her self in doing. Well broke up again because that thing she did came back to haunt her and she felt very guilty and horrible about the 3 months of hell I went through trying to help her and keep our relationship together that she thought that she didnt deserve to be with me. She was also manipulated by the factor who made her disgusted with her self against me and our love... I hope that prick who manipulated her gets hit by a ****ing truck!!
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