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  1. By da way thax fo da pic commet. ..........................
  2. O well datz kewl. Imma tryin ta find meh a new bf. Cuz ma ex iz jus a real azz hole.
  3. Nothing really, just did the usual house stuff as well as helped my family put in new base boreds in the living room area. Then my brother and I got and played Gears Of War 2 on Sunday.
    My aunt and uncle tempted me to join them on Sunday to their church because they want me to meet several girls their that they think one of them and I will hook up......I laughed so hard when they told me this because it was so randum....... I will have to take them up on that offer next Sunday.
  4. Yea datz kewl. So ne wayz wat did u do ova da weekend? If u don't mind meh asking. Hey I have a pic of meh up so if u wanna commet it u can.
  5. Well I live in the desert so I like the heat and not cold.
  6. I kinda lyke da cold bt nt really all dat much. Bt itz all good.
  7. Well it's cold here so count your self lucky, unless you like the cold.
  8. K datz kewl. It iz so hott in here. lolz. It sux, O well.
  9. I will add you later today just so I dont forget because I most likely will.
  10. Yeah I know that. I just have to not be so damn reclusive.
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