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  1. I suck at surfing but I am great at snow bording...Even though it's the same thing just at a higher elivation and the water is frozen. Just kidding, it's very different then surfing. So what do you usualy do?
  2. Wow datz kewl. I have alwayz wanted 2 go snowboarding. I also have alwayz wanted ta surf az well. By da way Do u have a myspace?
  3. Well there is always something to do here. All be it I can't go swimming and that sort right now do to the fact that it's to damn cold to, but if it gets colder then I can head up to the mountans and do my favorit sport... Snow bording.
  4. Datz kewl. I think I almost know someone in every state. Lolz. Bt I am from Salem, Indiana. I have lived here fo all my lyfe. Thur really izn't ne thing 2 do here though.
  5. I'm from San Diego in sunny Southern California. How about your self?
  6. Iight datz kewl. So where r u from????????????????
  7. Oh, not a problem, and welcome by the way. If you ever want to talk just give me a shout and I will reply.
  8. O I waz juz lookin fo more people 2 talk to on here. Imma kinda new on here. So yea.. Lolz.
  9. Nice to meet you Emily. I am Kyle. So what prompted this friend request? Just curiouse and trying to start a conversation.
  10. Hey watz up? Ma name iz Emily bt ma friends call meh Shawty or Emi.
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