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  1. Well, I'd advise that you put them in your signature, because the more veiws it gets, the quicker it'll hatch and wont die.
  2. hey quick question do you have to help your dragon hatch or do they hatch on their own
  3. Wow, you're doing a good job, I'm sure! I have some dragons right now, a few adults and some hatchlings and four eggs...
  4. true never thought of that because if there stolen or abandoned you want really know who the parents are I just found a green egg
  5. Well, some eggs have parents, some are just abbandoned, so yeah.
  6. whats odd is that my black egg and my blue egg it shows the mother and fathers names but my white egg dosen't show either mother or father its a little odd
  7. lol wow, good luck with that! And your so lucky to have halloween dragons! ^^
  8. I've got three eggs they suposed to hatch around friday night(10/31/08) mine are going to be Halloween Dragons
  9. thanks I'll check that out and try to get me an egg
  10. I got the eggs (and more) from .
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