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  1. Now that you say that I see that its a smiley and I also like your username I come up with my username from a nick name I got in school from a guy that called me Skoal Bandit then he just shortened it to bandit so when coming up with a email address I added the badboy to it and use the badboybandit for everything
  2. I know XD See on other forums I used an underscore so I just used it naturally XD I like your user name though. I ment to say that the first time I left you a message XD <--- it's a type of smilie ^^
  3. whats the XD and I actually like the user name you have, Have you noticed that are so many people that are putting the under score in their usernames
  4. ^^ I saw your name on the forum and it made me laugh. Not because its a bad name or anything, I just wasn't expecting it XD

    Anyway Hi ^^
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