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  1. could never figure tem out lol, aww thats not good I hear ice helps (I think)
  2. You don't like cell phones? I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now.....
  3. lol I don't have a cell ^_^ (never had and hopfully never will) ._.
  4. ^_^ Yeah I know I can't wait! Well if you have a cell phone we could call and txt each other and keep in touch with each other if you want?
  5. ^_^ always fun to graduate, tho it is sad tat you'll be leaving ._.
  6. Hell yeah an awesome year! I graduate next year hehe. Also, I get to move in with my boyfriend. So when I graduate I wont be on here any more or much at all.
  7. I've skipped a couple of classes before (on accident lol) sounds like its going ta be a good year ;P
  8. Yeah, its an older game also. Yeah its kinda fun I skiped school yesterday to be with roger and we hanged out hehe. He got me a promise ring for christmas!
  9. never heard of it XD (I only have the older zelda games) sounds like fun ^_^
  10. the legend of zelda ocarina of time. That's the name of the game right now I need to fined the damn girl and I have no clue were shes at I only have one room to go in and can't get in without extra weight on it. Not much just hanging out with my bf after school with some friends.
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